Gig series

Gig Series 

ENTR0110: Introduction to the World of Freelancing       

What exactly is freelancing, consulting, a side hustle or professional gig work? Do you have a professional skill that you are looking to monetize but don’t know how to get started? Join us as we demystify the world of freelancing and discuss the pros and cons, common pitfalls to avoid and the keys to success.

ENTR0090: Freelance Business Mapping with Lean Canvas *     

The most critical thing to remember when starting a freelance or consulting business is that it’s a business! We’ll introduce you to a tool called the Lean Canvas and you’ll learn how map out your freelance business idea in under 20 minutes.  
  *The Lean Canvas is a one-page business plan template that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions. Created by Ash Maurya and adapted from Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas, it is optimized for lean startups and takes under 20 minutes to create.  

ENTR0100: Freelancer Positioning - What, How and to Whom    

Competition is getting more intense all the time as more and more people enter the freelance and consulting world out of either necessity or desire. In order to succeed, freelancers need a high quality, well-defined service offering that is differentiated in the market and a deep sense of their target customer. Join us to find out how to focus your freelance business for success by defining: what you are selling, who you are selling to, and what makes you different and desirable. 

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