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ENTR0160: How to Get into Tech Sales 

How strong communicators can create lucrative careers in technology. Technology is the future and Waterloo regions' booming tech sector has a seemingly endless appetite for talent. But what if you’re not an engineer or a project manager or a developer? This exciting workshop will discuss the path into this lucrative field for great communicators: Sales. We will explore the opportunities, prerequisite skills and pathways forward into this dynamic field.

ENTR0170: Selling Yourself 

How authentic self-branding and storytelling can be the gateway to a successful career. “Who are you and what do you have to offer my company?” This is the question behind every question that’s asked in a business interview. Yet while it may seem simple, the answer to this often-difficult question reveals the key to what employers are looking for: authenticity, resilience, coachability and a sense of purpose. We will explore practical strategies for nurturing and leveraging these sought-after qualities.

ENTR0140: The Face of Sales Today 

Meet industry mentors. Executives from dynamic Waterloo tech companies will discuss what they look for in candidates and field questions from prospects who think they have what it takes to make it in B2B technology sales. A great way to explore this exciting career opportunity with actual decision makers and connect with them on what selling means in today's fast paced tech sector.

ENTR0150: Demystifying Sales 

What is the modern B2B salesperson’s real skill set and earning potential? Sales professionals in B2B (especially in technology) are some of the most well paid, sought after and skilled operators in an organization. Yet to the public many outdated caricatures of salespeople persist. What is it that B2B salespeople actually do? Why are they some of the highest paid in most organizations? What does it take to be a successful B2B sales professional? How do you start down this path? We will demystify all of these questions and more. 

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