Sustainable facility management: Reviewing recent research findings and creating a research agenda

October 04, 2023
A shot of Toronto showing buildings

Konstantinos Karanasios, PhD, School of Engineering & Technology  

The building sector stands as a significant energy consumer, not only within Canada but also on a global scale. In response to pressing environmental concerns, the Government of Canada has set an ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 across all sectors, including the commercial and institutional (C&I) building sector. To tackle this challenge, a novel concept known as sustainable facility management has emerged. This concept aims to combat excessive energy consumption in C&I buildings and its associated contribution to climate change by transitioning from conventional facility management practices to sustainable ones, although several barriers obstructing this transformation still exist. 

In pursuit of elevating the role of C&I buildings in mitigating climate change, this project embarked on a comprehensive exploration of sustainable facility management practices. This investigation involved an in-depth analysis of relevant literature and case studies, delving into individual preferences of facility managers concerning sustainability and energy management. Additionally, it sought to pinpoint the essential competencies that sustainable facility managers should possess. The outcomes of this endeavor hold the potential to inform the development of tailored training programs for facility managers, fostering their ability to embrace sustainable practices. Furthermore, these findings serve as a valuable foundation for shaping a research agenda that will steer future investigations into sustainable facility management practices within the realm of C&I buildings. 

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