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Additive manufacturing with robotic GMAW

Additive manufacturing (AM) is an alternative to traditional reductive manufacturing processes. Reductive manufacturing processes start with a billet of raw material and remove excess material through processes such as thermal cutting and machining to achieve the desired final shape. A key objective of AM is to minimize the amount of material used by precisely depositing only material that is required, layer by layer, and building a component from the base up as a near net shape.

Wire arc additive manufacturing with robotic gmaw

Wire Arc Additive manufacturing (WAAM) is an alternative to traditional metal manufacturing methods such as casting or the machining of raw billets to produce a desired shape. One option for this ‘3D-printing’ of metallic products using the WAAM process is to apply the metal using the GMAW (gas-metal arc welding) process delivered by a standard 6-axis welding robot.

Use of AI and ML to reduce educational inequities and improve digital learning

Hitch Tech Inc., in conjunction with Conestoga College, is committed to tackling educational inequities by designing and building an information system to revolutionize the connection of printed text and digital content supporting the delivery of high‐quality education. The benefits of this system will serve under‐privileged countries, regions, and peoples in its ability to leverage the existing work of educators across the globe, and to bridge language gaps, in order to link specialized regional and ethnic learnings to formal educational curricula.

Engineering Design for the E-Waste Recycling Industry – Connecting Industry and Students through Curriculum Projects and Applied Research

Project based learning integrates real world challenges directly into curriculum. Over the last ten years, Conestoga, through funding provided by various provincial and federal funding agencies, has engaged industry partners on projects spanning the full breadth of academic programming offered by the institute.

DC Output Waveforms - Survey of Arc Welding Machines

The intent of this research study and possible future studies is to identify which monopolar (DC) electrical currents created from alternating currents (AC) are hazardous to life and which are not.
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