Research ethics

Research Ethics Board 

All proposals to conduct research involving human participants at or within Conestoga College are subject to a review and approval process through the Research Ethics Board (REB).

The REB is a volunteer committee of experienced researchers and subject matter experts who review all research protocols involving human participants and apply the principles of the Tri-Council Policy Statement v2 (TCPS 2): Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. These principles-- respect for persons, concern for welfare and justice-- are essential pillars to research conducted under the auspices of Conestoga. REB has the goal of facilitating applied research activities, and research activities within the classroom, in accordance with these principles. 

Conestoga College is a participant in the Research Ethics Multi-College Review process. Other colleges involved in this project, which was developed by the Colleges Ontario Heads of Applied Research Subcommittee on Research Ethics, include Centennial, Fanshawe, George Brown, Georgian, Niagara and Sheridan colleges.

Conducting research at Conestoga College

Complete and submit an application form:

Complete and submit the following required supporting documentation:

  1. Checklist for Review of Information Letter and Consent Form (pdf)
    This form will help to ensure that you have included all the recruitment notices, consent forms, data collection forms, etc., that are required for your application.
  2. Supporting documentation as per the Checklist for Review of Information Letter and Consent Form
  3. Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) certificate of completion
  4. Complete the TCPS 2 online tutorial
  5. Locally Responsible Investigator Form for External Investigators/Researchers (pdf)
    If the Principal Investigator is not on staff at Conestoga College then your research proposal requires a Locally Responsible Investigator (LRI). The LRI must be a current employee at Conestoga College. The REB coordinator can assist you with finding an LRI.
  6. Application Signature Page (pdf) (original signature required)

For students and internal researchers:

Please refer to the Course-Based Research Ethics Application Guide for more information and detailed instructions on how to apply.

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