Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Advanced Manufacturing Lab 

The Advanced Manufacturing Lab (AMLab) is comprised of three flexible labs that can be repurposed to support multiple concurrent advanced manufacturing projects at any given time. 

The AMLab is able to support a wide variety of projects with industry, including mechanical and electronics related product design, prototyping and testing, robotics and automation design and prototyping, and process improvement-related research.  

Through contributions by both Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Research Fund,  we have equipped our AMLab facilities with the following equipment:  

A student retrieves an item from the inside of a 3D printer

AMLab 1

To support small volume prototyping and electronics manufacturing for research partners. Ability to rapidly prototype new iterative electronic designs and rework as board designs are refined. 


  • Solder paste application system
  • Surface mount soldering station
  • Voltera PCB printer
  • Microscope for detailed work
  • Manual pick and place equipment
  • BGA rework station
  • Reflow oven

AMLab 2

Capacity to support small volume prototyping for mechanical parts for research partners. Multiple 3D printers allow for flexibility and capacity for various materials and quality. 


  • Prototyping equipment with additive printing from Stratasys.
  • Additional additive printing equipment from Creality and FormLabs for lower cost preliminary prototypes. 
  • Small volume desktop CNC mills for subtractive manufacturing. 
  • Vacuum forming equipment and manual injection molding systems. 

AMLab 3

Support for projects that have larger scale prototypes with flexible floor space. Scanners offer reverse engineering of products, product QA, and point cloud conversion to CAD models for industry partners. Autonomous and collaborative robotics for manufacturing-related research.


  • Dedicated space for large volume prototype assembly and testing
  • Large volume and hand-held 3D scanners
  • Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs)
  • Collaborative robotics 
Two students work on an electric tractor

Offsite at Cambridge campus

Support for welding-related research is available through the Cambridge campus facilities. 


  • Orbital welding system
  • General welding labs

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