Visualization & Sensors Lab

Visualization & Sensors Lab 

The Visualization & Sensors Lab (VSL) is a unique environment that supports projects requiring data collection (via sensors or other data collection mechanisms) culminating in high quality reporting and visualizations solutions, such as digital twinning or high-fidelity simulations. 

The VSL is supports a wide variety of projects with industry, including software systems, data analytics, machine learning and AI-related solutions design, prototyping and testing, sensor and electronics design/integration and high impact visualization solutions.  

Through contributions by both Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund, we have the following equipment located within the VSL.

three students pointing at a tv

Large format flat panel displays (8K resolution)

Highly detailed visualizations, simulations, SCADA, digital twinning

Electronics design and test equipment

Develop custom sensor systems for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), embedded systems hardware, electronic product validation and testing

A project manager points at a TV while the student observes

Augmented/virtual reality equipment

Develop augmented reality applications for manufacturing, specialized training simulations for industry

Video and hyperspectral sensor equipped drone technologies

Research into precision applications, aerial surveys

A researcher points at equipment while students look at a laptop

IoT sensor inventory

Extensive selection of sensors to support on-site digitization for research projects with industry partners

5G enabled platforms

Development kits and 5G enabled devices to support next generation application development with industry

A student stands in front of a trailer

Mobile research lab trailer

Equipped with software, data collection, IIoT hardware for remote research and collaboration

Large volume and hand-held 3D scanners

Reverse engineering, product QA, digitization of large volume areas

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