1:1 coaching

Meet your match

One-on-one coaching pairs you with a coach that is also an active professional in their area of coaching. Specifically, see what we mean by this in each program: 

  • Venture Lab: every coach is an experienced entrepreneur
  • Venture Lab for Skilled Trades: your coach is a successful skilled tradesperson who is also an accomplished entrepreneur
  • Gig Lab: every coach is an active freelancer
  • Sales Lab: every coach is an experienced sales professional
  • Sales Lab for Skilled Trades: your coach is a successful salesperson in the trades industry
  • Sales Lab for Founders: every coach is both an experienced sales professional and accomplished entrepreneur 

Every coach has also been trained to help you navigate your highly personalized roadmap to success. 

One-on-one coaching happens every week on a set schedule that is unique to the specific program length and cadence. Consistency in work and effort are reinforced through consistent coaching. 

As a Collective, we have a bias for speed. We’re laser focused on getting you to success as quickly as possible. We believe that rapid success is best achieved through one-on-one coaching. 

Expect to be pushed by your coach in a one-on-one setting. Success and speed require commitment and there is nowhere to hide in a one-on-one.   

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