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CNERG: The use of environmental DNA sampling in mosquito control activities

In Ontario, public health units are working hard to control mosquito populations and reduce the risk of diseases such as West Nile virus.

CNERG: General Arts and Science modular program research

This project provides a deep understanding of the student experience in the General Arts and Science program.

CNERG: Challenges and opportunities in the hospitality industry on islands on the Great Lakes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality businesses in rural and remote areas of Ontario were hit hard by the crisis.

CNERG: Community-engaged writing initiative

Providing students with meaningful community-engaged experiences is a key part of Conestoga's core values.

Smart lock development for Kargobox

Focus21 partnered with the SMART Centre to develop a prototype smart lock system and software architecture for a smartphone app. 

HoloLens integration for BIM pipeline

Planit Measuring is an engineering firm based in Oakville that specializes in measuring and laser scanning buildings to generate architecture assets such as building information models (BIMs).

Software architecture enhancement

SolidState AI is a company that specializes in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning software for advanced manufacturing industries.

Packaging feasibility study

Atare Foods produces a range of African-inspired sauces packaged in glass jars and sold directly to consumers. However, due to the weight of their products, Atare Foods faces extra shipping costs that affect their bottom line.

Real-time and accelerated shelf-life study

Good Food for Good partnered with CFRIL to provide data to inform decision-making regarding product shelf-life and investigate alternative sustainable packaging for their ketchup. 

Gravity lock lifecycle testing

Franzen partnered with the SMART Centre to simulate the 10-year lifespan of their gravity lock to identify wear and tear to see when failure is most likely to occur.
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