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Developing legacy modules

A person’s last will can be prone to fraud, theft, and forgery, making the security and integrity of a person’s last will important consideration in the way they are stored and secured

Use of near-infrared spectroscopy and rapid visco analysis

Dawn Foods has been a global bakery ingredients leader for over a century. They understand that in some instances, quality tests may take longer than desired, leading to delays in receiving feedback from the quality assurance team to the production floor.

Sienci Labs capacity optimization project

Sienci Labs partnered with the Centre for Supply Chain Innovation to meet the rapidly growing demand for their CNC machines, which are mostly purchased by hobbyists for personal use.

Digital simulations for meat plant safety training

The Virtual & Augmented Reality Lab and the Conestoga Food Research & Innovation Lab worked with VG Meats to create digital simulations for meat plant safety training.

Slaman's Quality Flowers

Slaman’s Quality Flowers was looking for a way to improve their inventory visibility to improve customer service, reduce product loss, and improve decision making.

Software that calculates sustainability metrics

Working with The Owl, the Centre for Supply Chain Innovation developed a software application that helps automate and simplify the calculation of sustainability metrics on post- or pre-shipments as carbon footprint or plastic pollution. With a specific focus in SME, sustainability frameworks are now more accessible in their daily decision-making processes.

Representative Governance

Dr. Piscitelli’s research project, Representative Governance, builds on his existing work on the role nonprofit board of directors have in representing the interest of their constituents.

Live freight lane optimization

In partnership with Karmax, a division of Magna International Inc., Conestoga participated in a multiphase project to create a real-time logistics visualization and prediction system for freight lane changes. 

Fabbulist connects melanin women with beauty services

Melanin women are significant consumers of beauty services, but the industry isn't built for their specific needs. It is difficult, and at times, almost impossible, to find appropriate hair, make-up and skincare services nearby. Enter Fabbulist, an online platform that helps melanin women find beauty stylists that truly get their hair type and skin tone

Erin Pickles leans into tech sales

Taking a leap of faith, Erin joined the first Sales Lab cohort despite some reluctance as to whether sales was the right path for her. She was a dedicated single mom with experience in customer service, but tech sales would be a whole new world.
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